The Importance of Market Research in Advertising Agency

Market research is an important component of a successful advertising agency strategy.

Buy knowing your target customers, you can cater your advertising toward those most likely

to purchase your products.  This will result in higher sales from your marketing campaigns.


All successful businesses have certain things in common.  One of the most important components of any successful business is a solid marketing plan.  In order to develop that marketing plan and sell those products, you first need to identify your target customers.  This is where market research comes into the equation.  By identifying your potential customers and what they want and are willing to pay for, you will be able to tweak your marketing strategies, resulting in greater sales and increased customer satisfaction.


Demographics are the characteristics of a certain group of people.  Age, race, economic level, sex, and education level are all examples of demographics.  By knowing who a certain product is most likely to appeal to, you can target that sector of the population with your marketing.  You can even use input from that sector to improve your product line in accordance to their suggestions.


Other factors called psychographics are another important consideration in market research.  These are behaviors your target market is most likely to engage in.  For example, are they budget-conscious or do they spend freely?  Do they buy only name brand merchandise or go for generic brands?  Do they gravitate toward online shopping or brick-and-mortar stores?  Psychographics are the habits typical of a group of people.


Geography is another factor relating to market research. With today's world of e-commerce, it is not nearly as relevant as it has been in the past.  Many brick-and-mortar businesses, however, are still dependent on reaching customers within close geographic proximity.  If not enough customers are located near the business, the company might not survive.  Internet-based businesses usually need not be concerned with the geographic location of their customers.


By conducting market research, you will be able to formulate the most effective marketing plan for your business.  Nobody wants to waste precious time and advertising dollars only to realize your advertising strategy didn't work.  Because not every group will be receptive of the same message, it is important to know exactly who you are trying to reach and adapt that message accordingly.


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